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This is a best thing that ever happened to me. I bet bicoins that I wouldn't go to the gym for one month. I'm glad I did not lose the bet (at least then I saved bitcoins 😅), but I also got into the habit of exercising.

I try to do some daily bodyweight exercises with personal trainer and cardio exercises.

Bodyweight exercises are very effective for building muscle and toning up my body and mind. I do them with personal trainer who prepare a plan of work

I also try to do some cardio exercises to keep my body in shape. I started to do cardio exercises for 30-40 minutes a day in the morning on an empty stomach (when sugar level is low). Angle of inclination of 6, 10 and 15 and walking speed of 5.6 km/h. Changing each angle after 2 minutes. On angle of inclination 15 - trying to do 3 minutes.