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My file system

This my first experience with MacOS so I am trying to find the best suitable for me organization of files. It is not ideal and not final.

My Desktop is nearly always empty. It acts as a kind of temp folder where every file that is put there needs to be acted upon and either moved to some other place in my system or deleted. I already had a problem when there were a lot of files in my Desktop. They were used "for later", but that "later" never come.


All my actual documents (books, papers..) are put there. The folder is not synced with iCloud as for now.


I try to keep this folder like Desktop always empty. This is the folder where I download things to from the browser as well as other places.


Everything that is code is put into this folder.

~/Developer ❯ exa
Code docker Projects

Code - snippets of code live here. docker - used for volume mostly. Projects - personal and work projects.


~/Developer/Projects ❯ exa
Archived Current

Current folder ~/src/Projects/Current is symlinked to ~/ as ~/Projects