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2022 June


I was initiative and proposed a way how we can integrate "billable/non-billable hours" into our Redmine system instead of creating ticket in "Lab" project. CEO of SoftFormance Vitaliy in one of the meeting confirmed the way how we are going to implement it.


  • "Final Space". I found out I fancy cartoons like "Rick and Morty", "Final Space", "Arcane", "Inside Job", "Gravity Falls"
  • "Obi-Wan Kenobi"
  • "Stranger Things" 4th season
  • "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness"


  • Failed the loose weight program. I was on a strict diet and I forced myself too much. So in 1.5 month I lost 4 kg, but after the "happy" ending when I started to eat a lot of sweets I gained 5kg back. Result: dont force yourself. Do it step by step and discipline is more important than motivation. Need to revise the whole system.
  • Finally, I finished refreshment of my kitchen. Thanks to my mom, I now have a new snow-white kitchen.
  • At 3 of June, it should be a concert of Imagine Dragons, but because of war in my country, it was canceled.
  • Surprised that warranty works in Ukraine. I wrote an email to company "Hator" where I explained that I have a noisy in my chair and they sent me all details I needed to replace it. Also, asked Rozetka to exchange my electric kettle and they confirmed it but not yet