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2022 September


Started to watch TV series "Resident Alien". I find it funny 😀 Finally, continue to watch House of the Dragon


Released Supplier Dashboard redesign at Gryps AG project on 1st of September. We had been working on it for 10 months with team of 7 employees.

Also, at company level we decided to use GitHub as a main code repository platform, because starting from 2022.10.19 GitLab will start to charge for 19$/user/month because of more than 5 people in a namespace. With GitHub we will pay only 4$/month/user.


Finally, bought IKEA table to kitchen. I had been without it for 4 months. What a pleasure it was to assembler IKEA table - it is like a LEGO but for adults.

Also, bought a power bank for laptop Baseus 65W 30000mAh.