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2023 February


"Bad sisters" the whole serial. "The Godfather: Part III" - maybe at those time when all 3 parts were filmed it was something new, something unique for cinema. As for me I can't say I like it or dislike. I am neutral to film. The third part as for me the most interesting because it was thriller.

Watched film "Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania".

And started to watch serial "Wayward Pines".


Improved our project-boilerplate at SoftFormance. The major changes are:

  • mailhog for email testing
  • Python/Redis/PostgreSQL/RabbitMQ upgrade to specific version with known problems
  • integrate pip-tools for tracking Python libraries
  • Had a vacation for 1 week doing nothing 😐
  • Integrated DailyBot as a testing for out daily checkins
  • Had a call with developers of SoftFormance where clarify our stack for future development like React as frontend library and Django as a backend framework. HTMX will be used depending on project where it is needed.


Started to invest in Ekingdom Simple JSC. Found out that if you are looking for an opportunity, you will definitely find it.

Also invested in eurobonds of Ukraine. This is a risky investment so just get into a project with a minimum threshold. That kind of investment for 3-4 years.