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2023 January


Watched a quite interesting detective film "Fracture". Also, "Slumberland" which was like an "Inception" but for kids. I know I like cartoons therefore watched "Klaus" from Netflix. I like the idea of describing who is Santa Claus is for children why he has reindeers and why our character flying.

Finished to watch "Resident Alien" 2nd season.

And started to watch serial "The Last of Us".


Did a 2-day strategic planning for SoftFormance where I work have been working for last 5 years. Our main focuses and goals:

  • Quality over Quantity (marketing area)
  • Retention over Acquiring
  • Motivation over Limitations

Also, I have migrated on my project where I work to K8s instead of just single VPS server. It gives us complexity but also should resolve a pain for client like scaling in the future.


Started to invest in Ekingdom Simple JSC. Found out that if you are looking for an opportunity, you will definitely find it.

Also invested in eurobonds of Ukraine. This is a risky investment so just get into a project with a minimum threshold. That kind of investment for 3-4 years.